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Tip of Month
Air conditioning plays an important part in limiting mold growth in buildings by removing moisture from indoor air that mold needs to survive. The A/C equipment does this by changing water vapor into liquid and moving it outdoors by way of a drain line. Since the environment inside the air conditioner itself is wet, proper design, installation, and maintenance is vital to avoid damaging and unhealthy mold growth there.

Cool on Call

Atlantis Air Conditioning is an air-conditioning company in Lake Worth, Florida. Our company is on call for repairs, maintenance, and 24-hour emergency service for your home or business. We are a State of Florida certified and fully insured HVAC contractor serving the Palm Beaches since 1984.

Atlantis Air-Conditioning Services:

 • Routine Maintenance
 • Repairs
• Equipment Replacement
• Installation
• Upgrades
• Trouble-Shooting

Why Choose Us?
Atlantis Air Conditioning Corporation is an authorized dealer for most HVAC manufacturers. As a dealer for various manufacturers, we are authorized to sell, service, and perform warranty work on nearly all air-conditioning equipment. We have a well-earned reputation for providing thorough and professional services at a fair price, performed by our clean-cut staff. Our company designs and installs new air-conditioning systems, and we replace equipment when necessary. Of course we're available to perform routine maintenance and emergency services whenever you need us.


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