Air Conditioning Contractors West Palm Beach

Air Conditioning Contractors West Palm Beach

Air Conditioning Contractors West Palm Beach

What is the most common commercial HVAC problems?

Quality Commercial HVAC  Contractors repairing all brands makes and models of HVAC commercial  Walk-in Refrigerators and Cooler Freezer, Heat pump, Cooling Towers, Water Chillers, Ice machines.

Clogged Air Filters

Air Filters trap dust, dirt, mold, and allergens, so they must be changed every month to keep your AC system healthy. If you are skipping or delaying the screen changing leads to an unhealthy AC system, you are ultimately shortening the life cycle of your AC unit.

 Do you have Strange Odors or poor indoor air quality?

 Some problems we see in the field related to improper AC maintenance;

Many variables can cause Air quality or breathing problems. Sitting water is the culprit from standing water. Water pump stop working, or ductwork with a tear or hole, contaminants to enter the air duct, and then into your home.

Atlantis AC is the best Air Conditioning Contractors in West Palm Beach. Installing the air purifiers all over West Palm Beach to remove all of the Mold, Dirt and air impurities in your home’s air conditioning system. That is needed to clean your living Space Air. Keeping you and your family healthy.

Increased Monthly Utility Bills.

Noticeably increased monthly utility bills are usually the first clue that your AC system has problems. The second clue, your system air cycles, is staying on longer to cool your home. The third clue is hot and cold spots and humidity issues.

Nose, Eye, and Throat Irritation

Air impurities from mold, dust, and dirt are the causes of feeling sick. Checking the duct system for tears and cleaning the air ducts and cleaning the vents will provide a healthier home.

Unhealthy Indoor Air Quality

Breathing problems and Dizziness, Fatigue, and Headaches can be from the air impurities in your home from Mold, caused by still water or condensation. Indoor air quality suffers when there is a leak in ductwork the attic.

HVAC Maintenance

Schedule monthly maintenance plans, because every AC manufacturer has particular parts known to be the weakest link and will often cause an AC downtime for emergency repairs.

 So, Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp knows the different manufacturers and pay special attention to these parts and replace them before it needs an emergency repair. Installs Air Purifying Attachments to improve your indoor air quality. 

Call Atlantis for our HVAC contractor has the Purifying air solutions for your living space.  We are not the cheapest, but we are the best Air Conditioning Contractors in West Palm Beach. Save Time, Money, and Aggravation in your next project with our AC contractors.

Choosing the right AC contractor can save you thousands of dollars on a project and getting the job done right the first time. From the design work, we install the right system for your business. Save time in labor and peace of mind. Let Atlantis Contractors go to work for you!

Commercial Heating Contractor, West Palm Beach

Trane XV20i 20 Seer HVAC in West Palm Beach

Trane XV20i 20 Seer HVAC in West Palm Beach

Trane XV20i 20 SEER HVAC.

Why Trane XV20i 20 Seer HVAC in West Palm Beach? Because with Trane XV20i 20 SEER HVAC variable speed unit you get perception technology to keep your living spaces control to max efficiency. Avoiding temperatures swings from the TruConfort technologz.750 stages of comfort come with an AC rated up to 22 Seer. Quite running fans below 4dB.

What’s the Secret to Getting the Full Life Cycle from your Trane?

Yes, having a professional to install your AC unit is just as crucial to getting the AC Trane AC Installations West Palm Beachunit you choose. High-Performance AC + Professional Installation + Maintenance = Fewer Repairs, Full life span of AC Unit.  The proper installation has a significant effect on the AC unit. Many manufacturers tell you that the install is essential.

Many customers come to shop for the best price and not hire the best installation team needed to assure the life span of the manufacture. HVAC Contractor of Atlantis Air Conditioning comes with the highest in technology training. Ensure you’re getting the best installation you can get in West Palm Beach. With 35 years of excellence in installing Trane systems for residents and commercial buildings.

Atlantis AC Trane Comfort Specialist for 35 Years

HVAC contractor’s installations for Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp are your neighborhood. Trane Comfort Specialist. Expert technicians gauge the space that your living spaces ask our knowledgeable staff questions. You might have and have some questions for you. To match your home to the perfect system to deliver the best that technology has to offer your family.

HVAC Trane XV20i TruConfort Variable Speed for Luxury Homes

HVAC Trane XV20i TruConfort Variable Speed for Luxury Homes

Contact a Specialist in HVAC Trane Air Conditioners

Call us; we are friendly! : 561-586-1233

AC Repair Palm Beach County

AC Repair Palm Beach County

AC Repair Palm Beach County

I need AC to repair Pam Beach County all year round. With exception to a few days, we turn off the AC unit to put the furnace on. But sometimes your air conditioner does not come back on and when you try nothing happens. So you find the electric panel and flip the breakers still, nothing happens. So now you need air conditioning repairs.

When your AC unit does not turn on, that is an emergency AC repair. At Atlantis AC, we will dispatch a certified technician with a service van full of parts to get your home or office back to comfortable again.

Does my Air Conditioner Need Replacement?

Our air conditioner and heating systems work year-round. We need AC performance in the warmer months. You might wonder why your electric bills have been high. If you notice your air conditioner stays on longer to cool than it used to. If you have seen the signs, good for you! Keeping track of how often your heating and cooling system needs repairs is a good sign that you might need a new AC unit soon.

Signs your AC Replacement is neededAC Repair Palm Beach County Air Conditioning Service Vans for Atlantis Air Conditioning service On the way to help West Palm Beach residents.

  • AC is blowing hot air

  • Unusual noise coming from vents or units.

  • No air coming out of vents

  • Hot air coming out of vents in summer.

  • Frequent repairs.

  • Higher electric bills

  • Age of Air Conditioning system

Energy Bills are Higher

The amount every month is going up, and you don’t know why. This usually is the first sign that your ac unit is taking longer to cool your home. You notice that the rooms are not as cool as they should be. One significant factor is your older AC is not as efficient as it once was.

Lack of Air-flow.

Your Air Conditioner is not blowing the air for circulation like it was. It could be from blocked vents or damaged ductwork too.

House Temperature Changes

Spending hours trying to get your home cooler but never reaches the comfort level needed. Consequently, Freon levels may need to be checked or a broken compressor. These are all signs of an outdated Air Conditioning that needs replacing ASAP.

Install a Conditioning system for you and your family before there is an emergency in the middle of the day in the hot Florida sun.

Our favorite brands Trane, Carrier, Ruud, Mitsubishi, Amana, Florida Heat Pump, Bosch, Daikin.

Why Choose Atlantis Air Conditioning

Your local AC company to repair your AC unit whatever your specific Ac problems may be. Our certified AC technicians will restore your home to the comfort level your needing in South Florida. Free Consultation to answer all your AC Questions.

AC Contractors West Palm Beach

HVAC Trane XV20i TruConfort Variable Speed for Luxury Homes

HVAC Trane XV20i TruConfort Variable Speed for Luxury Homes

HVAC Trane XV20i TruConfort Variable Speed for Luxury Homes

HVAC Trane XV20i TruConfort Variable Speed for Luxury Homes. Top of the line America’s most trusted HVAC System. Atlantis Air Conditioning installs Trane AC Units in our community homes.

Atlantis AC is professionals with 35 years of experience. We have come to know the reliability, and ethical AC manufactures. We know the companies who build the best and stand behind their products.

“Atlantis has already weed out the lousy air conditioners and heating units. We only carry and install the best brands, and Trane is one of our favorite.”

Why Trane, you ask?

There are so many reason’s. The biggest reason Atlantis knows the quality of Trane products. With Trane’s rugged testing in severe temperatures.

Flooding, Wind. Extreme testing of AC units for the harshest of weather as we have here in South Florida. That’s why we give a year of free labor when you install one of this beast of an AC machine.

Sound Insulator’s

Be sure to ask about Trane’s top preforming Air conditioner the XV20i. Check out the diagram of the inside of the Xv20i Top performing unit. Leading the way for cooler homes in hot West Palm Beach, Florida.

HVAC Trane XV20i TruConfort Variable Speed diagram for for Luxury Homes

Trane Craftsmanship for a Quieter Unit.

Customers always comment on how quiet the unit i. This powerful unit has sound insulators in the XV20i is 4 decibels below the other competitors minimum.

No Hot or Cold Spots

Do you want comfort level in each of your rooms? Even temperatures and no more cold spots temperature swings are the reason for the technology, and then they made it even better with the variable speed technology. Taking residential comfort to the next level with Climatuf Variable Speed Compressor.

Climate technology automatically adjusts the temperature inside because of the temperature change on the outside of your home. Makes adjustments as needed from 1/10 to 1% increments. With this small adjustment, you know your thermostat adjusted within ½°. Now that is taking control of your hot and cold spots to feel just right.

Wireless Technology

Some customers are enjoying wireless communications with their unit. ComfortLink II Communicating Technology allows your whole system to seamlessly adjust fan speeds with compressor, optimizing the temperature and humidity in real-time for top performance and efficiency

Smart Home System

Coming home at an unexpected hour? Turn down the thermostat with no problem with the Nexia system. That will allow you to manage your cooling and heating with your phone that is Web-enabled with smartphones, tablets, or computers.

10-year Warranty

The XV20i is a big seller, and if you want to hear more about this model and ask questions about what Air conditioners and heating unit are best for your home. Call the expert Installers that have been installing Trane since 2007.

High-End Luxury Homes-Air Conditioning in Palm Beach.

Owners expect premium comfort, aesthetics, and efficiency from their Air Conditioning systems.  Imagine being able to a custom diagram of the larger homes and installing an ultimate HVAC System Optimizing the comfort in your home.

There are so many systems to choose from it can be very hard to know which one is best for your home. Some systems are so costly as well. But what is needed? How much is too much? A fair amount of customers do not mind spending a little more to get the system that provides premium comfort systems.

What Seer is best for cooling and heating year-round? Will the new AC unit it fit in your old AC spot in your home? As well as checking for the ductwork leaks, does your system need a whole overhaul? That is where the experts come in to help.

You can trust Atlantis to help you by answering your questions and measuring your home as well as what retrofitting with the biggest seer to get all the latest in technology.

Call the experts at Atlantis Air Conditioning with 35 years of experience. You can depend on us; we are friendly, fast, and dependable.

Commercial Heating Contractor, West Palm Beach

Commercial Heating Contractor, West Palm Beach

Commercial Heating Contractor in West Palm Beach the replacement AC repair Atlantis Air Conditioning service vans at office in Lake worth fl

Commercial Heating Contractor, West Palm Beach

Looking for an AC professional Contractor in West Palm Beach? Look no further!

Atlantis Air Conditioning delivers AC solutions to your property air conditioning problems. Commercial heating contractor in West Palm Beach. Atlantis AC has been growing our AC Company since 1984, Proud to service our communities in Palm Beach County.

Expert AC installations and AC repairs

You have found a partner when It comes to expert AC installations and AC repairs in West Palm Beach. We bring 35 years of experience to the table with unstoppable Comfort Specialist, AC technicians that have been hand-picked. We only hire the best, and then we continue to train for the are skilled craftsmen that take pride in their work.

How Does Central Heating and Cooling Work?

The split indoor evaporator coil is installed to work with your outside unit containing a condenser coil and compressor. The chemical called the refrigerant used in the compressor pumps. Then the outdoor unit transfers the heat energy from inside your home, blows across the indoor evaporator cold.

That transfer cools the air and then blows it into your home. Exchange for the heat in your home to start the journey again. So you are left with cold, comfortable air conditioning throughout your home or business.


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5 Helpful Suggestions for Choosing a New Air Conditioner

5 Helpful Suggestions for Choosing a New Air Conditioner

5 Helpful Suggestions for Choosing a New Air Conditioner

What Happened? Why now? It finally happened, the air conditioner is not turning back on. Winter is here and with this South Florida wacky weather. Hot one day and cold the next. Air conditioners turned off and on. This time no success when we turned the AC System back on for another warm winter day. Your home is getting warmer as you wait to decide the best place to call for help now. All of the thoughts of things to consider for this is a big decision. Thinking of your budget, resources, and uncomfortable family.

When you’re looking for your next air conditioning unit for your South Florida home. Here is a guide to help you in this difficult time. A few tips that might help the decision process.

What Type of AC System do I need?

The first that comes to mind to replace the AC with the same unit. Often thinking, It was good, that’s all I need? Well, in most cases this is true. But not always. Here are two different types to consider. AC technology has changed a great deal over the past 10-15 years.

Central Air Conditioners

Known for the most common type unit installed in South Florida. There is an outside condenser that sits on a concrete slab next to the house. The outdoor unit is working with an indoor air handler usually sits in a closet, garage or attic.

Air Circulates Forming a Loop

The use of the attic to install the duct work that connects all the rooms. Cool air is moving from the AC unit into the duct work, the cool air moves the rooms throughout the home. The Air handler and AC Intake of warm air are moved back to the air conditioning system. Cold refrigerant coils cool air and then goes back into the house with the use of the ductwork.

20-30% Energy Loss from Old Ductwork

The problem per Energy Star, homes lose anywhere from 20 to 30% of conditioned air to leaky air ducts. The duct work has to be evaluated for the condition of the duct work, with consideration of repair or replacement cost. Consider a possible upgrade of QDuct for a more efficient ductwork system.



Bosch Ductless Air Conditioners

A great alternative for upgrading from a window unit. But you still don’t want the expense or have room for ductwork. Ductless Air Conditioners cooling, one room or a zone of rooms. Installation of the outdoor unit outside or in your wall. The technology is here to cool multiple rooms with one outdoor AC System.

Energy Efficiency Big Decision

When a central air unit intake unit dies, often tempted to just replace only that broken piece of the AC system. This is a big decision and might be a costly one. If you replace one part without installing the matching unit. Your system may be inefficient. It’s best to install the energy efficacy new technology of the newer units, it will pay for itself in a few years.

The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating)

Seer is an important determining factor of energy use. The rating of a new AC unit, now required to have at least a 14 SEER rating, as high as SEER 21 with Carrier Infinity 21 Air Conditioning Unit. Your contractor will advise you on your available space for the best SEER and size unit for your home’s needs.

AC Unit Size Matters

Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to choosing the right for your home. Install a unit that is too big for space, the Air conditioning system will be turned on and off more often. If your AC system is not big enough to run as well as reduce humidity. Causing inefficiency in the unit also wasting energy that will cause in your electric bill.

Assure the Proper Fit for your Home.

Proper fit consists of the square footage, the amount of installation in your home. The size, age of your windows. This is what your contactor’s job to assure the proper fit for your home. While getting the best AC system for maximizing energy efficiency.

Cost Considerations

There are several things to consider in the cost of a new air conditioning system. The cost of the AC unit, the efficiency of the cooling and heating system. The savings on your electric bill each month will add up in a years’ time. Upgrading your duct work will also add value to your home and the efficacy of your new air conditioning system. A new AC unit will also add value to your home. If you’re planning on selling your home, this a big selling point.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Company

It’s always good to get multiple bids when you consider a replacement air conditioner. This is a big ticket item for your home. Consideration of the new company, here are a few questions to keep in mind.

  • Can they explain the different recommendations that are best for you?
  • Do they carry good quality brands?
  • What is the warranty for a/c unit as well as the labor?
  • Did they do their homework to give a thorough inspection of your home before they gave you your estimate?

A homeowner’s fear of choosing a company that cost you money and does not deliver. You need a dependable company that can deliver, also keep your air conditioning unit working for many years to come.

When you’re in the market for a New Air Conditioning Installation! Let Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp show you why we are the best choice for all your family’s comfort needs today and tomorrow.

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