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AC Installations

Thinking of ripping out the noisy AC unit out? Your not alone when it comes to comfort, and getting a quiet group is a priority. But then you start to think of all the different kinds of AC unit types and if your ductwork is ok if you have enough room for a unit outdoors or in the attic.

What’s involved in getting the most out of the new SEER energy-saving air conditioning and heating options. 

Atlantis Ac is here to give you peace of mind through the sea of information of AC unit installations. The most significant benefit of a new ac installation is the savings you see on your energy bills.

Only the best brand in the marketplace.

You can expect the best from Atlantis AC. We are not the cheapest, but we are the best in Palm Beach, Fl. Since 1984 we have been working with all the brands in the marketplace. We know what to expect from every brand, make and model. We repair all brands of heating and cooling.  There are no surprises for we know the most common problems with your AC System. That’s why we only install these brands in your home. Trane Air Conditioner Brochure

Trane  | Bosch | Amana | Ruud | Carrier | Daikin | Florida Heat Pump | Mitsubishi.

12 months of free labor with every new AC installation. We stand behind the Unit for the first year. We have stopped carrying brands because they do not hold up to the Atlantis AC standards.

Age Matters in Air Conditioner

With an HVAC system over 10 to 12 years old, your tired AC unit has seen better days. Usual sign is the repair bills start to be more frequent.

So before you invest too much in the old air conditioning system, we are here to help sort out which AC replacement is best for your family. 

Size of the Unit

Atlantis AC always starts with a free consultation. We know this is a significant investment in your home. Having guidance for measuring your home property to understand what size Air conditioning system your home will need.

It is using the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J Load Calculation. Determines the heat gain your home has. This calculation is strongly influenced by where you live, several factors that affect the AC unit required.

The installation in your attic and walls. Types of the window and door placement. The orientation of the sun to the home.  

AC Installation Trane AC Installations Ce for Air Conditioning Contractors West Palm Beachntral Air Conditioner

Unit Efficiency SEER

Next, we will talk about the efficiency of the Unit. SEER- Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The manufacturer’s way of understanding the difference between the units and the savings you can expect.

The higher the SEER, the lower your utility bills or the amount of BTU your AC Unit will remove for each watt of electricity it consumes. Federal Law requirement for all new A/C units of at least 13 SEER.

The amount of SEER has to do with safety features, lower voltage requirements, quieter operations for the sound shields in the units. They just have a better operating cost.  

Central AC Installation

Central AC Installation is a split AC installation system. The condenser is on the outside connects to the inside blower and fans. Trane Split System XR16.

They use pipes to carry the refrigerant to be cooled and then gets recycled back into the home. The cooler air delivered to the ductwork system.

The size of the units, both inside and outside, works in limiting in space. Air Conditioning contractors will offer you’re the choices you have with space and AC units in the marketplace. This decision also is difficult without an experienced ac installation contractor in on the purchasing decision.

Mini Split AC Installation

Mini-split ac installation of heating and cooling. Just like the Central Air Units, the outdoor Unit connected to the indoor unit by refrigerant lines. But as the name says, they are small. A split system does not take up as much space. So hard to fit places make this A/C Unit attractive.

No Ducts, No Room, No Problem!

A new air conditioning unit, as the Mini-split appeal for no ductwork installment, is needed—no ductwork required, so they fit in areas with no ductwork or attic space.

Ideal for multi thermostat homes, offices, and professional buildings. Each room can have its temperature, and also split the electric bills for rental units. They were resulting in higher energy efficiency. 

Ductwork Installation

Q Duct or Ductwork reinstall and disguise the ducts highing them in closets. Wiring in Downspouts along the outside of your home. Q Duct is rooftop ductwork that warrantied for hurricane-force winds. 

Delivering the Conditioned Air

If you have ductwork they must be inspected for any wear and replaced if needed. Sealing them to boost energy efficiency. A job for a professional who can get the job done efficiently.

They are preventing pockets of warm or cold air in different seasons. Reinstall of Ductwork can replace molded seals and resolve the airflow resistance improving air quality and airflow by 15 to 25 percent. 

Call Atlantis AC today for an appointment. 561.586-1233

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