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AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance plans are essential to protect your HVAC investment. AC Maintenance Schedule your maintenance plans 2 times a year. Your investment should pay for itself in the coming years. AC Maintenance plans are essential to protect your HVAC investment. However, the air conditioner maintenance service schedule will help your investment to live out its full potential life cycle set by the manufacturer.

When to schedule preventive maintenance?

Schedule your maintenance plans 2xs a year for the best results.  The first appointment of the year to prepare for the spring. To get ready for the South Florida summer heat. The second appointment for the fall to get your system ready for the winter when the heaters come on.

AC Maintenance Cost

Contacts for Maintenance are available for us to keep a watch on your investment. Customize what you want help within the coming year. Some contracts are more or less than the suggested 2 times a year. Some can also cover emergency visits or parts. The more added to your contract the more it will cost. But the overall savings and peace of mind are worth it. If your a snowbird or own property we will report all the findings and suggestions for your unit.


Suggestion Seasonal Checklist for the Homeowner 

This list is in addition to what your HVAC maintenance plan does for your unit 2xs a year.)

Our goal is to keep your living space in your home or business comfortable all year long. With a simple maintenance plan will keep your system running smoothly all year long.

Fall and Spring Outdoor Maintenance

  • Clean away anything that is blocking the outside HVAC Unit.
  • Inspect the base pan for water.
  • Inspect the cabinet for any holes or leaks.
  • Examine the fans in motion, and stationary for any damage or wear.

Spring / Fall Indoor Maintenance

  • Listen for any abnormal sounds coming from your AC system.
  • Inspect your electrical box for wiring and connections
  • Replace and Clean old filters
  • Check for any smells/odors when staring your AC starts.

Homeowners monthly to do for your HVAC system

To-do list that can regularly help your system run more efficiently between your HVAC appointments.
  • Inspect your filter every month and replace it as needed.
  • Tell Atlantis AC right away if you hear any unusual noises from your unit.
  • Clean away all debris from the outside outdoor unit (18 inches for Bushes).
  • Check the indoor unit for any debris that can be in the way of the air intake.


Call us when you notice any of these changes:

  • Burning smell or electrical smell coming around your unit.
  • Any part of your AC Unit has been underwater.
  • Your room temperatures are different in your home.
  • AC having troubles getting to desired temperatures.
  • Increase in Electric or energy bills.

How to make your home more energy-efficient year-round tips.


Tips to make your home cooler.

The attic is properly ventilated in will help cool your home. Adjust the ceiling fans to counter-clockwise blowing the air more efficiently around your room will keep the room a few degrees cooler. At the hottest time of the day, drawing blinds to block the sunlight. Take advantage of grilling and cooking outdoors will avoid heating up your home.

Tips to help keep home warmer.

Properly insulating the attic so you do not see the rafters will help keep the heating from escaping. Keeping the vents open and free of any obstruction of the heat flow. Check your windows and lock them to get a snug seal around your windows.


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