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 AC Repair

AC repair experts are on call for our neighbors is a necessity. When your living in West Palm Beach, Florida, it is paradise until your Air conditioning is not cooling your home or business.

Nothing worse coming home from a hard day and your home are undesirable for its too hot inside. No AC comfort means there will not be anyone sleeping tonight. Atlantis AC has been the local AC company you can call on day or night to get comfort restored to your family.

 Thirty-Six Years of expert AC repair experience, at your door.

Whenever you call Atlantis Air Conditioning, we’ll dispatch a highly trained technician with a van full of AC parts—restoring your home to the comfort level ASAP. Our AC team of expert technicians prides itself on integrity, transparency, and passion for providing excellent customer service. 

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AC Repair on All AC Brands


No matter what your AC brand or AC problem, we can repair your AC operating system. Our goal is to diagnosis the AC problem and fixes it as quickly as possible. Here is a list of the most common repair problems. 

Signs you will need an Air Conditioning Repair

  •  High Electric Bills
  • Pooled water in your home
  • Poor airflow coming out of duct-work
  • Air Conditioner request turning on and off
  • Bad odors coming out of AC Vents
  • Squealing, Rattling, whistling, or grinding noises.

Extreme heat can take a toll on your AC unit through the years. A maintenance plan is your protection to your air conditioner investment.


Expert HVAC technicians will look at your AC system to check the parts that look worn and will be causing a problem in the future. Preventing emergency services will cost more in the long run. Call us when your AC has early signs of problems. 


say hi to Tank the office mascot

We are known for our Excellent, Dedicated  Customer Service.

With a reputation, you can trust to get the job done right the first time Insured. Once you employ us to take care of your AC investment, you can stop worrying. You can rest assured we will not hear any strange noises from your AC vents again. AC Services: AC Repair, AC installations, heating, and cooling Repairs.”

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Air Conditioner Thermostat Repair

Another reason your AC is not coming on is the thermostat has a problem with electricity. Sudden jolts of electricity can short out the thermostat. Or a loose wire can be the shorting the culprit to the electronic circuit board.

Maybe its time for your old tired thermostat needs an upgrade to the new digital thermostat that can be controlled by your phone no matter where you are. 


Drainage Pan Clogged

Just like air filters filled with dust, so can the drainage line become clogged with dirt or mold from standing water in the Drainage pan. A clogged drainage line can fill up, causing damage to the AC unit and surrounding area’s.


Refrigerant Leaks

Preventative care will be the best service you can give your AC investment. When your home starts to get warmer in the summer, and the AC unit is working overtime without getting cooler. A symptom that your AC coolant is leaking. R-22 refrigerant Phase-out


Fuse or Breakers

Tripping the breaker or fuse is a safety guard when your AC is having problems. Often when your AC system is not turning on.

The first thing the AC technician will check is the circuit breaker box. A simple fix, but we have to check to see what is causing the AC Unit to go into safe mode and turning itself off.


Compressor Repair

The compressor delivers energy to the refrigerant to circulate through the AC coils to carry out an exchange of heat to cooler air. If your compressor is not working or working, but the atmosphere is warm from the compressor, it is running hot and will eventually seize. Not enough refrigerant in your return to the compressor will cause a system failure.


AC Capacitors

Capacitors what powers your compressor and blower fans. AC start capacitors send a jolt of electric to start the motor, while the run capacitors will keep the fan motor running with a series of electric jolts. The AC system needs both of these capacitors to work to run the AC Unit.

AC Repair Trane AC repair in Jupiter FloridaCompressor Coils Repair

Located inside the compressor, and they get dirty. Cleaning them at least once a year with the water hose will do. If dirty, the HVAC technician will apply a chemical cleaner.


Bad or Failing AC Contactor Symptoms

Contractors used for the blower motor, compressor, and fan motors to work. When contractors notice signs, the AC parts look worn out.

AC makes noises or hums

The Condenser unit does not shut off

To repair this problem, change out worn contractors with a replacement. During a maintenance visit, AC technicians will test each one of them and replace or repair a worn part to prevent an emergency visit.


Emergency AC Repairs

For an emergency fix, to prevent any disruption in your home. Prevent an emergency Air conditioning repair with an Atlantis preventative maintenance plan to keep the dog days of the summer at bay.

Different Types of Air Conditioner Repairs;

  • Central AC Repairs

  • Split AC System Repairs

  • Ductless Air Conditioning System Repairs

  • Mini Split AC System

  • AC Chillers Repair

  • Restaurant AC and Refrigerator repairs

Be sure to check out Atlantis Air Conditioning for an Air Conditioner maintenance plan to keep your AC unit up and running year-round. 



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