The Most Common HVAC Problems

The Most Common HVAC Problems

The Most Common HVAC Problems

Quality Commercial HVAC Contractors repairing all common problems with our HVAC Services on all air conditioning repairs on all brands makes and models. Including HVAC commercial Walk-in Refrigerators and Cooler Freezer, Heat pump, Cooling Towers, Water Chillers, Ice machines.


Clogged Air Filters

Air Filters trap dust, dirt, mold, and allergens, so they must be changed every month to keep your AC system healthy. If you are skipping or delaying the screen changing leads to an unhealthy AC system, you are ultimately shortening your AC unit’s life cycle.

 Do you have Strange Odors or low indoor air quality?

Some problems we see in the field related to improper AC maintenance; Many variables can cause Air quality or breathing problems.

Sitting water is the culprit from standing water. Water pump stop working, or ductwork with a tear or hole, contaminants to enter the air duct, and then into your home.

What are the most common commercial HVAC problems?

Atlantis AC is the best Air Conditioning Contractors in West Palm Beach. You are installing air purifiers all over West Palm Beach to remove all of the Mold, Dirt, and air impurities in your home’s air conditioning system. That is needed to clean your living Space Air. I am keeping you and your family healthy.

Increased Monthly Utility Bills.

Noticeably increased monthly utility bills are usually the first clue that your AC system has problems. The second clue, your system air cycles, is staying on longer to cool your home. The third clue is hot and cold spots and humidity issues.

Nose, Eye, and Throat Irritation

Air purifiers for allergies. Like air impurities from Mold, dust, and dirt are the causes of feeling sick. Checking the duct system for tears, cleaning the air ducts, and cleaning the vents will provide a healthier home.

Unhealthy Indoor Air Quality

Breathing problems and Dizziness, Fatigue, and Headaches can be from the air impurities in your home from Mold, caused by still water or condensation. Indoor air quality suffers when there is a leak in ductwork.

The attic Trane CleanEffects Air Purifier eliminates the impurities that can make a family sick. Removal of not only mold and mildew, Smoke, and chemical impurities in the air. But virus and bacteria that need a.proper air purifier,

The Most Common HVAC Problems

Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning System targets air-born biological contaminates. This new air cleaning technology is suited for office,

Schools and Hospital HVAC systems where there is a high potential for the spread of air-born diseases.

The catalytic system consists of 3 air cleaning technologies to reach a broad range of contaminants—the Merv13high efficiency filter with a High rating of MERV13. Removing a majority of air-born particles like dust, mold mildew, and larger contaminates.

Air then passes through Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation or UVGI. Sterilizes a broad range of air-born contaminates mold, bacteria, and viruses.

The third technology Photo-catalytic Oxidation that uses ULtraviolet photons that naturalizes harmful contaminates.

  • Lack of Maintenance on Whole AC system

  • Clogged Drain

  • Refrigerant leak

  • Frozen Evaporatorair purifier Trane-Catalytic-Air-Cleaning-System-TCACS1

  • Gas Leak

  • Sensor Issues

  • Dirty Filters

  • Unusual Noises

  • Dirty Condenser or Evaporator Coils

  • Mechanical wear and tear

  • Malfunctioning Thermostat

  • Blown Fuses

  • Tripped Breakers

Schedule monthly maintenance plans because every AC manufacturer has particular parts known to be the weakest link and will often cause an AC downtime for emergency repairs.

Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp knows the different manufacturers and pays special attention to these parts and replaces them before it needs an emergency repair.

Installs Air Purifying Attachments to improve your indoor air quality. 

Call Atlantis, for our HVAC contractor, has the Purifying air solutions for your living space.  We are not the cheapest, but we are the best Air.

Conditioning Contractors in West Palm Beach. Save Time, Money, and Aggravation in your next project with our AC contractors.

Choosing the right AC contractor can save you thousands of dollars on a project and getting the job done right the first time. From the design work, we install the right system for your business. Save time in labor and peace of mind. Let Atlantis Contractors go to work for you!

Commercial Heating Contractor, West Palm Beach

What is VRF and How VRF Saves Money?

What is VRF and How VRF Saves Money?

What is VRF and How VRF Saves Money?

Selling Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems in today’s marketplace depends on educating commercial property owners about the benefits of this ductless HVAC technology. 

What is VRF and How VRF Saves Money?“ VRF is a relatively new concept for many building owners throughout North America,” says Gary, product manager for VRF Systems at Trane Commercial.

What is VRF System sales focus? The sales focus needs to be on functionality, comfort, reduced operating costs, and installation on a relatively small equipment footprint, says Gary. “Once they learn more about VRF systems, customers are, more often than not, interested in that solution.”

Gary Lincul the owner, principal at HVAC Atlantis AC, agrees that anyone selling VRF systems needs to focus on selling points, such as decreased electrical requirements, compact size, low sound levels, and design flexibility.

Moreover, HVAC and B2B sales expert Gary Lincul stresses the importance of focusing on the benefits of VRF systems when talking with prospective customers.

What is VRF and How VRF Saves Money?

“What is VRF and VRV” systems allow for higher efficiencies with very good flexibility,” he says. “We typically see much higher efficiencies, gaining up to 40 percent savings in operations and energy over older systems.”

Vertical Markets

Gary Lincul says that customizing proposed solutions for vertical markets is “absolutely a must,” because each type of facility will have different requirements. For example, he says, “A K-12 school is going to be primarily concerned with IAQ, acoustics, and efficiency, while a hotel is going to be very focused on tenant comfort and multi-zone heating and cooling. It is key to know your customer’s needs and modify your VRF presentation accordingly.”

Gary Lincul adds that one of the most attractive selling features of VRF technology is its flexibility to conform to many different building types. “We like to say, that with VRF you design ‘your HVAC system around your building, not your building around your HVAC.’”

But, he adds, “Use VRF where it makes sense, and couple it with other equipment for a total building solution in the areas where it doesn’t.”

Five key considerations to review with prospective buyers are efficiency, design & technology, cost, maintenance, and sustainability

VRF Efficiency

So what is the VRF system? “Overall, efficiency is a key benefit of a VRF system,” says Owner. “It is important to share with customers that initial equipment efficiencies show immediate ROI, as well as any incentives they would be able to receive from government and utilities,” he says.

The small footprint of VRF systems is another feature that resonates with commercial property owners and developers. As Gary Lincul notes, prospective customers and building owners who are seeking higher efficiency or dealing with retrofitting older buildings are often already interested in VRF systems before ever talking with a sales rep.

Still, adds Gary, “efficiency is the icing on the cake, it is the not the main course.”

Design & Technology

While efficiency is a key consideration, Gary Lincul says building owners and developers are often sold on VRF systems, because they combine economic efficiency and design flexibility.

Gary’s name adds that VRF offers building owners access to some of the most advanced HVAC technology available. Key design and technology aspects of VRF, he notes, include liquid-cooled, inverter-driven compressors, controls that easily integrated into third-party building systems, 24/7 self-diagnostics, and soft-start technology.

In addition, says Gary Lincul when VRF is combined with a heat pump system, low ambient cooling and heating capabilities eliminate the need for fossil fuel or electric backup heat. “Refrigerant management,” he adds, “enables VRF to be the only HVAC system that allows for simultaneous heating and cooling in a single operation.”

What is VRF Cost?

While a major selling point of VRF is room-level zoning flexibility, zone control comes at a cost. Gary Lincul recommends a sales approach that focuses on a balance between installed VRF system features and cost.

What is VRF and How VRF Saves Money? “The flexibility of the VRF system capabilities have to be matched with a realistic consideration of the budget,” he says. “Every job has a balance point between zone capabilities and cost.”

VRF systems are increasingly cost-competitive with traditional systems. In fact, adds Gary Lincul, upfront costs — particularly in new construction projects— can be lower than conventional systems. Reduced weight lowers the structural cost for roof weight load distribution; there are no mechanical room requirements; no duct leakage; and crane lift is typically not required for installation.


Service flexibility and operational costs are another selling point for VRF. Annual preventive maintenance on VRF systems is easier to perform and usually much less expensive than for conventional HVAC systems. “VRF systems also tend to have a 10-year full warranty; whereas traditional unitary equipment has a one-year parts warranty, further reducing ongoing costs,” notes Gary.

Another advantage of VRF systems is the ability for building owners to replace system components over time, instead of having to replace the entire system. “This capability makes it more affordable to upgrade and replace equipment,” says Gary. “The components are also smaller and easier to service and change.”

Moreover, add Owner, the basic principles of air conditioning apply to VRF systems, so installation contractors and service providers can train existing technicians to maintain and repair installed units.

VRF systems also have the ability to self-diagnose maintenance needs, which can help prevent unexpected and costly system failures. “But,” Gary adds”, there are differences in these systems that a service company or technician needs to understand and be knowledgeable in handling.”


VRF also offers good selling points for new construction and retrofit developers that are concerned about environmental sustainability issues.

“An increasing number of development projects include a green component, which further enhances the attractiveness of a VRF option,” notes Gary Lincul.

VRF systems also can “significantly decrease the overall electrical load requirements to a building,” “The reduction in power requirement to the building is a good part of the sustainability story surrounding VRF, that does not get a lot of attention.”

Pitch the Best Possible Solution for the Customer

Customers will often ask about what different options will work for their building. A popular option to be asked about is geothermal heat pump (GHP) systems because currently there are tax credits that make them an attractive option. As a contractor, it’s your job to figure out what is best for your customer.

Gary’s name says that one of the biggest benefits of VRF systems compared to GHP systems is that VRF installation is easier and less costly. “With VRF there is no digging or drilling required, and loops do not need to be installed,” he says. “New VRF equipment can deliver equal efficiency performance and complete zone control capabilities with the functionality of simultaneous heating and cooling, something that GHP cannot provide.”

While Gary agrees, he recommends pitching the best possible solution for each unique situation. “Some projects may be better served by one system type or the other,” he says. “This will depend on the goals of the owner in conjunction with the location of the project, as well as the budget.”
At the end of the day, a successful VRF sales strategy starts with the goal of meeting the prospective buyer’s needs and evolves with the development of a customized solution.


Repair or Replace Air Conditioning ?

Repair or Replace Air Conditioning ?

Share an Infographic for Repair or Replacing A AC unit to your website for a link and a copy of code to your website. 

<a href=””><img style=”width:100%;” src=””></a><br> <a href=””>Repair or Replace?</a>

Repair or Replace? 

To Repair or Replace HVAC Systems is a costly decision to make. Here are some FAQs for knowing when you need a new HVAC Unit


How to choose the best Air Conditioner for my family?


The most important part is to avoid a lemon. How do you do that? Atlantis Air Conditioning only installs the best brands in the marketplace.

Best brands to Repair or Replace?

Brands that stand behind the product they sell. Atlantis will guide you through the process and help you decide by answering your HVAC questions that your home or business needs. 


36 years of Air Conditioning Repair and Installation


Repair or Replace?  This is a question we get asked often, Do I repair this one or replace my system? With many factors of the individual’s current system and frequency of repairs, monthly utility bills. Atlantis Air Conditioning will install the very best in AC technology, the companies that stand behind their warranties. Through the years we have seen unfortunately AC companies not stand behind the warrantees or the product is not performing as described.  Use our years of knowledge to your benefit and get the best AC system for you and your family.

The Best A/c Brands in the Marketplace. 

Trane  Air Conditioning and Heating

Bosch Air Conditioning and Heating

Carrier Air Conditioning and Heating

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning and Heating

Ruud Air Conditioning and Heating

Amana Air Conditioning and Heating

Florida Heat Pump

Bosch Air Conditioning and Heating 


Does the Age of the Ac Unit Matter? 


Replacing your tired AC unit will save you money. Approx 20% on your annual heating and cooling bill.  According to Energy Star, when you re-install a 10-15-year-old AC unit. 


But how do you know the age of your unit? 


The serial number on the unit will determine the age of your AC unit. If age is not visible on the AC unit, call the manufacturer or the manufacturer website for a chat to find out more information about that brand. 


How to know the size of an AC Unit is wrong?

 Here are three easy deductible reasons you do have an oversized AC unit.  

  1. Your energy bills are higher.
  2. Your AC is not removing the humidity.
  3. Your AC unit turns on and off right away. 

Turning on and cooing fast and shuts off. This is making your AC unit overwork, causing the high electric bills. To properly get the humidity out. Your AC unit needs to run a normal-length cycle.


Diagnosis of Repairs-Troubleshooting


Hopefully, it’s just a Thermostat just needing calibration or a Thermostat replacement. But the general senses if your repair is more than half of what a replacement is going to cost.

But repair or replace ait conditioning, it might be time for a new unit. Or if this is the second repair in a short period. To be sure, AtlantisAC will help with weight the options you have. 


Diagnosis of Cooling and Heating Repairs


When considering to Repair or Replace? Repairs can range from expensive to minor repairs. So when the repair bills start to mount up, it’s a hard decision on what to do, repair, or replace your Air Conditioning system.

Getting a proper diagnosis is essential. Call a professional to help sort out when not turning on. Minor issues are a clogged drainage line or clogged air filter. 


The power surge from a thunderstorm. Dirty coils from lack of regular maintenance. Loose wire, short or electrical component failure, or problems from a tripped circuit breaker, ductwork that is leaking into your attic. 

Repair or Replace Air Conditioning

Then there are the extensive repairs your blower fan motor malfunction or making weird noises can be an early sign something is not right: refrigerant leaks and frozen evaporator coils. Compressors out of warranty and stop working will favor an AC Replacement.  


Frequency of Repairs


Frequent repairs are a sign the air conditioner system was not taken care of promptly. Or it’s so old it’s costing more and getting more expensive to run. Repair or Replace air conditioning, a new unit will save time and money in the long run. 


Energy Efficiency


The efficiency of a new unit cooling and heating system with the unique technology will save you money and time. It’s a hard call to make. Your AC professional ( Atlantis AC) will help answer all your questions to make an educated decision. 


Cost to Repair or Replace Air Conditioning


Cost of average on a household nationally. Homeowners pay $300.00 for air conditioner repairs.  Replacing parts could cost more, on average, 240 to 450. Suppose you see water leaking or strange noises. Don’t ignore it, because it could cause an AC system total breakdown. Call the professionals Atlantis Air Conditioning today. 


Is it’s illegal to manufacture or import R22?

Is it’s illegal to manufacture or import R22?

Is it’s illegal to manufacture or import R22?

Is it’s illegal to manufacture or import R22?  Yes, it’s illegal to manufacture or import R22. as of January 01, 2020. As per the US Environmental Protection Agency, If you’re hoping to replace your old unit before an emergency ac repair or at the height of the season.

So the next big question is how long before the refrigerant is no longer available if you are holding on to an old unit with service calls to add more Freon.

 The timeline to the R22 refrigerant and how long do you have to decide what you are going to do. As the demand for freon increases,

AC repairs will become even more expensive you are not alone; many homeowners are in the same predicament. They have put the task off of replacement of their old AC unit. 

Is it’s illegal to manufacture or import R22?

Just adding R22 freon when your air conditioning stops cooling is usually the result ending with an emergency call.  Don’t be caught with an expensive repair. Now is the time to figure out what to do. 

Atlantis Air Conditioning company believes in educating its clients with transparent advice to homeowners to know their options. 

  • First, there is do nothing until a repair is needed. 
  • Second, convert or retrofit your R22 unit to use the existing refrigerant.
  • Third, decide to replace the whole unit proactively. 

 Ok, Let’s go through those options. Retrofitting is not for everyone. AC repairs require a professional to examine your AC system to see if it’s possible. But, any company that will take your money to retrofit your old system is not doing you any favors. 

Putting your money in an old system is a temporary fix. Because your old AC system is subject to more repairs, with higher electric bills 

The R22 refrigerant will be available for a little while. It is getting more expensive as the supply dwindles downtime passes. 

 You are doing nothing to an AC unit that gets warmer in your house. Or own real estate that reflects on customers in stores, office buildings, or Rentals. Living without AC Is not an option when you live in South Florida. 

Suppose you are a property owner with lots of AC units to replace. You have a plan to start slowly and replace all of them over time. Call the office to help with the different types and kinds of units that are best for your investment property. 

 You now have a big decision on what to do. Find dedicated AC Experts that can Call us to help answer any questions you might have about a new replacement for your tired AC system. 

 Ask about our No Finance Fee or payments for 18 months. Call the office for more details. Atlantis Air Conditioning

AC Contractors West Palm Beach

AC Contractors West Palm Beach

AC Contractors West Palm Beach

AC Contractors of West Palm Beach celebrates another successful completion of a new building in West Palm Beach. The teams all came together and completed the goal of a well-done job and putting safety first. It is essential to us that all companies work side by side to deliver the best product and service to our clients.

AC Contractors West Palm Beach is celebrating our team’s hard work to get this job done while putting safety first!
The best Subs around:
Atlantis AC
Carpenter’s Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.
Casa Drywall 
Centerpoint Construction
Classic Art Moldings
Classic Mirror and Glass
Energy Efficient
IRA Walden and Sons, Inc.
Palm Beach Trim
Tradesman Quality Plastering Inc
KCL Plumbing
Mellon Security & Sound Systems, Inc.
Miami Natural Stone

Atlantis Air Conditioning would like to help you too!

AC Contractors West Palm Beach is Celebrating Our Team’s Hard Work. We are just a phone call away! Ready to service your home or business 24/7. There is no job too big or small.

AC Contractors are licensed and insured. Backed up by our highly trained technicians who work together to get your project completed on time and budget.  Safety is first on our projects. We have the tools to make jobs happen like they contracted and approved by our AC Contractors.

  • 24/7 Emergency Services

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • High-Level HVAC System Efficiency

Residents in West Palm Beach have the best HVAC team, Atlantis AC. We guarantee our services. High-level HVAC Trane training delivers to your door. We offer Emergency Services if needed. But, we hope you choose us to install your unit, and we come out to service your group for a year after the installations. Continued maintenance plans are available to ensure your AC investment protected by the best HVAC team in West Palm Beach.

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