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Commercial AC Repair

In West Palm Beach If your Commercial Property is not comfortable, you could be turning business away. Customers or tenants will not be happy to live or work in an uncomfortable atmosphere. To avoid these unwelcome disasters. Call on the Atlantis Tech Team to get your business up and running ASAP.

Atlantis AC has 36 years in commercial property installations, and Repairs and maintenance to all different kinds of heating and cooling systems.

  • Air handlers

  • Packaged rooftop systems including makeup air systems

  • Chillers

  • Coils

  • Condensing units and condensers

  • Fan coils

  • Indoor air quality

  • Maintenance, repair and upgrade services

  • Modular central chiller plants

  • Packaged terminal air conditioners

  • Self Contained systems

  • Unit ventilators

  • Water source heat pumps, including geothermal systems

  • Sustainability

Commercial Chillers

Reciprocating Chillers

Crankshaft and Pistons that are driven by a crankshaft to deliver a small amount of refrigerant. but issues with noise and reliability have made reciprocating chillers less popular. 

Centrifugal Chillers

Popular for not many moving parts. requires less maintenance than the reciprocation system. Energy efficient than their reciprocating counterparts, and provide a greater flow of refrigerant.

Screw-Driven Chillers

Rotating Screws compress through direct volume reduction. Visual Inspection and strainer, Oil, and filters are needed for maintenance.

Absorption Chillers

Nonmoving parts. The energy source is “Steam”. Great for large buildings. Refrigerant vapor is absorbed by a lithium bromide solution that condenses into a vapor.

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Emergency Commercial AC Repair and Commercial AC  Maintenance

With a scheduled AC maintenance plan your investment in your AC unit will be looked after by the best in Palm Beach County. With business to business service since 1984. We know all the commercial AC brands and models. We are trained on what to look for in each special model.

Prevention of a breakdown is the ultimate goal to save you money on downtime and a efficient running system.  Because we all know how costly an emergent repair can be and usually can be prevented with a Commercial maintenance plan from Atlantis AC. 

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