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Commercial HVAC Chillers

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Best commercial Chillers

Subcategories of Chillers

Chillers divided into different types, mainly from the various energy source.

Reciprocating Chillers

The least favorite for the reciprocating system is very noisy, and upkeep is fundamental too, because of the noise issues in the past. It’s easy to see when you have pistons that are driven by a crankshaft to deliver a small amount of refrigerant at a very high pressure to cool the air.

Centrifugal Chillers

Very popular for they have very few moving parts. Because of little movement, this system is very energy efficient and requires less maintenance than the reciprocation system.

Screw-Driven Chillers

Visual inspection is needed to check the Screw-Driven Compressors. The two fitted together screws rotate to compress through direct volume reduction. The care for the chiller includes oil changes, strainer replacements, and filter replacements.

Absorption Chillers

This chiller uses a high energy source. “Steam” The name absorber is because of the refrigerant vapor absorbed by a lithium bromide solution that condenses into a fog. The heat released into the evaporator. 

There are very few moving parts. However, the lithium bromide is salt, so if the solution falls below saturation, you run the risk of temperatures can crystallize. Maintenance is required every 5-10 years where the inspection is the frame rate, as well as the direct-fired burners check and safety.

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Best Types commercial Chillers

Types of Commercial Chillers


Here is a quick overview of the different types of commercial chillers with compressor types that the chiller designed.ith. Rated between one to 1,000 tons of cooling energy, broken down to different categories based on how they remove the heat from the refrigerant that cools the building. Here is a quick overview of the different types of commercial chillers.


Air Cooled Chiller

Used in smaller scale buildings with extensive ductwork system. Air cooled commercial chillers using a significant distance between servicing multiple areas. The more rooms or areas, the less cost energy efficiency. This use of cooling the air to cool the condensers so the water being used to cool the living space is the desired/proper temperature.

Water Cooled Chiller

Water Towers remover the heat from the refrigerant bringing the temperature to the desired template. Typically Water Cooler chiller ’s are used to cool more significant buildings such as shopping malls, airports, schools, and skyscrapers.

Evaporative Chiller

The process of evaporation to remove the heat from the area where a large amount of heat to evaporative. These type of chillers are ideal in dry climates for they add some moisture to the once dry air. Which makes the room more comfortable for building occupants.


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