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Best Commercial AC Repairs

Types of Commercial AC System Problems

There are four different types of HVAC systems.

Cooling and Heating Split System

First, the whole system split outside is the compressor and condenser, and an indoor unit containing the blower and evaporator coil.

Split System Central Air Conditioning is the most popular type. A furnace or heat pump can be connected to the indoor unit to offer heat. Ductwork is installed to complete the system to blow the conditioned air to the different rooms and competes for the air delivery and then return the air to be run over the coils to re-cool the air.

Hybrid Heat Pump System

A heat pump that is powered by electricity and the furnace, used in conjunction with a furnace that burns natural gas, propane, or fuel oil. Heat pumps work in reverse to cool the air and reverse cycle to heat too. This device is very energy efficient for residents. The duct works to complete the air flow through the residence or business.

Ductless AC Mini-Split Heat Pumps

The Mini Split System has one outdoor unit that is great for small outdoor space. One outdoor unit can operate up to four indoor units. The indoor units are designed to work in different rooms with separate thermostats. Plus, optional Accessories can be connected to clean and make the air more pleasant.

Packaged Heat and Cooling Systems

The HVAC contractor designs all of the new ac installations. He plans according to the measurements of the homes rooms and the size available for the air handler inside the home. Your home will receive the new AC unit and installed according to the contractor’s designs. 

When it comes to missing your comfort level in your home or business is easy when it’s hot and your miserable. We then take note on who your friends use doe HVAC services. That is where we shine for our business was built on recommendations. We excel at repairing all brands of Air Conditioning brands.

We are always open 24 a day, seven days a week.


Commercial HVAC contractor to help you determine if it’s time for a new AC unit. Some signs are: Higher electric bills- This is when you don’t see anything wrong, but your electric bills are getting bigger. Over-time your unit will not be as efficient as it was initially, this is normal. But when the electric bills are getting higher, and now, it’s not suitable for the compressor does not turn off or comes back on quickly.

AC Unit Making Loud Noise

Usually, there are signs of the way before an air conditioning breakdown. These are just a few signs you may or may not see in your AC unit.
Odd Noises–any unusual noise can and should be of concern — anything bizarre noise like a hum, or a moan from any of the parts of the system. Normal sounds are ok; you will notice something strange. Even if your unit is still running to prevent a possible total breakdown, a professional should address the noise and apply any parts or service to resolve the issues.

AC System Low Air Flow Problems

Low Air Flow Unit may be struggling to cool down or keep your home or business cool. The fan is as powerful as it was. These are signs the unit is blocked, and cold air is trapped or leaking somewhere can cause the unit to freeze or can cause other issues. We suggest changing your air filter every 1 to 3 months when the unit is running.

Why Does AC Turn On and OFF, So Fast?


 When the room is up to temperature, you should hear your compressor should stay on for at least 15 minutes at a time. Anything less should be checked out by a professional.

Why Choose US

Satisfaction Guarantee

Cooling and Heating Services designed to keep your family comfortable. All Services are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed        Since 1984.

Full Service HVAC Air Condtioning

The HVAC Contractor full-service installations, repair, maintenance plans that keeps your family comfortable all year long.

Free HVAC Consultation

Learn from the Expert HVAC contractors.  Ask questions about which Heating & Air Conditioning comfort system meets all the needs for your family. 

Best Air Conditioning Services

Find the best in air conditioning services at your door when you call Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp. Our AC services are 100% guaranteed. The best Air Conditioning Technicians are sent to your door with a service van with parts to get your home cools again.

All AC Brands Repaired, Any Problem, Any Time Call the Best, Atlantis Air Conditioning.

Commercial air conditioning installations

Commercial heating and cooling installations an expert HVAC Contractor


We repair all brands of heating and cooling systems. Expert HVAC Contractor years of knowledge to guide the owner in finding the best AC Unit.

residential air conditioning repair

Residential Air Conditioning Repair for any brand of ac repairs. Central Air, Heat pumps. Mini Ductless Systems etc.

residential air conditioning replacements

Our contractors can save you money in the long run.  by assuring your home size is properly fitted with an energy efficient that are properly installed.

residential air conditioner maintenance

Get your money’s worth from your AC Unit life span. With proper maintenance a few times a year. 

24 hour emergency air conditioning service

24-hour emergency air conditioning service Power Serge, Bad Storms, No maintenance plan. These are some reasons for a unit shut down.

HVAC Contractor Air Conditioning

Proper design, planning from your HVAC contractor takes charge of the project assuring you’re getting the best product and installation. 


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