Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner

Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner

Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner

How to choose the best Air Conditioner for my family? The most important part is to avoid a lemon. How do you do that? Atlantis Air Conditioning only installs the best brands in the marketplace.

Brands that stand behind the product they sell. Atlantis AC will guide you through the process and help you decide by answering your HVAC questions that your home or business needs.

An HVAC technician can help sort our seasonal energy efficiency ratio the higher the SEER the more efficient your AC unit will be. Saving your money, with more indoor comfort Read more energy star ratings.  

Trane  | Carrier | Ruud |Mitsubishi | Amana | Florida Heat Pump | Bosch


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Does the Age of the Ac Unit Matter?  

Replacing your tired unit will save you money, approx 20% on your annual heating and cooling bill.  According to Energy Star, when you replace a 10-15-year-old AC unit. 


But how do you know the age of your unit? 

The serial number on the unit will determine the age of your AC unit if age is not visible on the unit call the manufacturer or the manufacturer website for a chat to find out more information about that brand. 


How to know the size of an AC Unit is Bad?

 Here are three natural deductible reasons you do have an oversized AC unit.  

  • Your energy bills are higher
  • Your AC is not removing the humidity.
  • Your AC unit turns on and off right away.

 Turning on and cooing fast and shuts off. You are making your AC unit overwork, causing the high electric bills. To properly get the humidity out. Your AC unit needs to run a normal-length cycle.


Diagnosis of Repairs-Troubleshooting


Hopefully, it’s just a Thermostat just needing calibration or a Thermostat replacement. But the general senses if your repair is more than half of what a replacement is going to cost.

It might be time for a new unit. Or if this is the second repair in a short period. To be sure, AtlantisAC will help with weight the options you have. 


Diagnosis of Cooling and Heating Repairs


Repairs can range from expensive to minor repairs. So when the repair bills start to mount up, it’s a hard decision on what to do, repair, or replace your Air Conditioning system.

Getting a proper diagnosis is essential, call a professional to help sort out when not turning on.

Minor issues are a clogged drainage line or clogged air filter. The power surge from a thunderstorm. Dirty coils from lack of regular maintenance.

Diagnosis of a loose wire, short or electrical component failure, or problems from a tripped circuit breaker, You can also have ductwork that is leaking into your attic. 

Then there are the extensive repairs your blower fan motor malfunction or making weird noises can be an early sign something is not right.

-Another common repair is refrigerant leaks and frozen evaporator coils. Compressors out of warranty and stop working will favor an AC Replacement.  

Frequency of Repair 

Frequent repairs are a sign the Air conditioner was not taken care of promptly. Or it is so old it’s costing more and getting more expensive to run. A new unit will save time and money in the long run.  

Energy Efficiency 

The efficiency of a new unit cooling and heating system with the more modern technology will save you money and time. It’s a hard call to make. Your AC professional ( Atlantis AC) will help answer all your questions so that you can make an educated decision.  

Replacement Cost of Repairs 

The national average cost of repairs, homeowners pay $300.00 for air conditioner repairs on an average household nationally. Replacing parts could cost more, on average, $240 to $450 if you see water leaking or strange noises.

If ignored, it could cause an AC system total breakdown. Call the professionals Atlantis Air Conditioning today. 

Repair or Replace Your Air ConditionerCall Us Today – Friendly Contractor

AC Contractors West Palm Beach

AC Contractors West Palm Beach

AC Contractors West Palm Beach

AC Contractors West Palm Beach celebrates another successful completion of a new building in West Palm Beach. The teams all came together and completed the goal of a well-done job and putting safety first. It is essential to us that all companies work side by side to deliver the best product and service to our clients.

Atlantis Air Conditioning would like to help you too!

AC Contractors West Palm Beach is Celebrating Our Team’s Hard Work. We are just a phone call away! Ready to service your home or business 24/7. There is no job too big or small.

AC Contractors are licensed and insured. Backed up by our highly trained technicians who work together to get your project completed on time and budget.  Safety is first on our projects. We have the tools to make jobs happen like they contracted and approved by our AC Contractors.

  • 24/7 Emergency Services

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • High-Level HVAC System Efficiency

The Best HVAC Team

Residents in West Palm Beach have the best HVAC team, Atlantis AC. We guarantee our services. High-level HVAC Trane training delivers to your door. We offer Emergency Services if needed. But, we hope you choose us to install your unit, and we come out to service your group for a year after the installations. Continued maintenance plans are available to ensure your AC investment protected by the best HVAC team in West Palm Beach.

Palm Beach Air Conditioning


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Commercial AC Design -New AC Installation

Commercial AC Design -New AC Installation

Commercial A Design -New Installation

Atlantis Cooling Corp supplies a complete line of business home heating, aerating, and also a/c devices, Along with industrial refrigeration, cooled water, as well as ice production tools.

Residential HVAC Heating and Cooling

Your convenience and also the dimension of your energy expenses both depend upon having a home heating, aerating, and also cooling (COOLING AND HEATING) system. That is perfect for your business structure. Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp will certainly design as well as set up a COOLING AND HEATING system that’s suitable for your AC area, as well as any space fitting demands.

Best AC Installations

Our high-efficiency home heating, aerating, as well as a/c systems consisting of Trane, Service provider, Ruud, Mitsubishi, Amana, Florida heat pump, Bosch, Daikin, LG, as well as Marley. Which are amongst one of the most economical on the marketplace. We set up complete or partial A/C system substitutes, or we could design custom plans. As well as develop a brand-new energy-efficient A/C system that’s suitable for Florida’s warm, moist environment.


Retrofitting AC

New power modern technologies could make it feasible to minimize the expense of air conditioning. And also evaporating your older industrial structure. Atlantis Cooling Corp could create custom plans and also mount a brand-new air conditioning. As well as a furnace that’s adjusted to the style and also building of your folder structure.



Equipment for Air Purification

Interior air contamination could impact the health and wellness of individuals that see or operate in your business structure. Atlantis A/c Corp sets up air filtering systems that will considerably lower the irritants in your structure. Reducing the consisting of germs, infections, and also mold and mildew spores. We’ll assist you to pick an air filtering system that will certainly care for any kind of air problems you could have in your structure. Which will certainly recommend solutions to any concerns, as well as any type of individual concerns you could have.

Emergency A/C Repair and Maintenance

Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp gives full-service industrial home heating, aerating, and also air conditioning upkeep. Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp factory-trained professionals give regular evaluations. Certified service warranty service as well as post-warranty repair services. We are always ready for service. One call to us and we are on our way, with an instant 24/7 emergency situation solution.

Heater and AC Service

Mounting air purification systems that will considerably decrease the irritants in your structure. Consisting of germs, infections, and also mold and mildew spores. Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp supplies full-service industrial home heating, aerating, as well as air conditioning upkeep. Atlantis AC’s factory-trained professionals give regular examinations, accredited guarantee and also post-warranty repair services are available.

Commercial AC Design -New AC Installation

The Best Services for Every HVAC Commercial System

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Jupiter Air Conditioning Air Purifiers

Jupiter Air Conditioning Air Purifiers

Jupiter Air Conditioning Installations to Relieve Your Allergies

Jupiter Air Conditioning Installations to Relieve Your Allergies. If you have allergies, you know how it can go from bad to worse. When your weather change’s, at most time’s allergens. Pollen from nature is released into the air and you can be sensitive to things in the air.

AC Can Make Your Home Healthier.

Depending on the type of allergy you suffer from. The upgrades to your AC system can be the solution to a healthier air in your home.
As soon as you know what your allergies are. We can offer suggestions. To reduce some of the ongoing symptoms you may have like itchy, watery eyes, scratchy throat, and a runny nose.

A Reliable Air Conditioner Service

Because air conditioners can be our lifesavers. During the hotter months, where the air is not only dry but also hot. Thanks to the home automation. Because of the cutting-edge technology inside these air conditioners. The allergens and bacteria floating in the air can remove contaminants and exterminate.  For that reason ensure your system installed. Hense by calling in skilled experts. To take care of your AC System. Also, inquire about our AC models with smart thermostats.

Get a Dehumidifier

When it comes to an allergy-free and clean environment, “the dryer, the better.” Most noteworthy to strive to keep the humidity level at thirty to fifty percent or lower. This can be done by installing a dehumidifier. If you run a dehumidifier, be sure to keep it dirt-free. Scrub and rinse the water tank at least once on a weekly basis. Also, dust the grills with the soft brush accessory of your vacuum cleaner.

Air Cleaning through UV light

There has been a lot of debate about the usefulness of air purifiers. But thousands of people continue to buy these units for their smart homes year after year. The purpose of these purifiers is to purify the air. By taking out the countless different particles that are floating around it. According to experts. A UV purifier is capable of doing what all the older versions of air purifiers are not able to.

Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers Jupiter, FL

An air filtration system has a bigger surface area. Therefore enables it to pick up more matter and particulate and that should not belong in clean air.  A purifier utilizes the ionization technology. Which allows the charged particles to hold on to surfaces with the opposite charge. Preventing them from moving to the air and inhaled. Consequently, this system can also relieve allergy symptoms. (


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Changing a Fan Belt

This is one of the simplest repairs to avoid. When a fan belt wears down, a specialist should simply replace it with a new one. You might notice a fan belt is damaged by a squealing noise in the AC—or you might not. Maintenance can help to detect a damaged fan belt earlier on, so you are not stuck without air conditioning.

Changing a Key System Component

No property owner wants to deal with the replacement of a major AC component in the middle of summer. Finding a part that is an exact match to your unit can be tricky and it is most likely to be expensive. You may end up shelling out more cash than you expected this summer. Phone up experts for a scheduled maintenance appointment before you need any of these repairs in West Palm Beach. While maintenance might not be a hundred percent effective at preventing repairs, it can lower the risks and help you learn about Air Conditioner glitches earlier on, so you can plan for the costs.

Give them a call at 561-586-1233 or email them at [email protected] for a free estimate. Alternatively, visit their website at for more information.

Atlantis Air Conditioning is located at 1124 North G Street Lake Worth, FL 33460-2166.

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Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp.

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Air Conditioning Repair Services, Owner Gary Lincul. Said, “We send a trained technician with a well-stocked van for a quick AC repair. As a result, Restoring your house to its previous comfy state ASAP.” Expert HVAC Air Conditioning company for West Palm Beach.

Atlantis AC is the leading HVAC Company in Lake Worth, Florida.

Providing AC Services to Commercial and Residential in AC Installations, Air Conditioning Repairs (all brands), AC Unit Replacement, AC Upgrades,  AC Troubleshooting.

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We are known for our Excellent, Dedicated  Customer Service.

With a reputation, you can trust to get the job done right the first time Insured. Once you employ us to take care of your AC investment, you can stop worrying. You can rest assured we will not hear any strange noises from your AC vents again. AC Services: AC Repair, AC installations, heating, and cooling Repairs.”

New Trane Stealth™  Air Cooled Chiller

AC Installations in West Palm Beach.

We deliver cool air in South Florida for a more energy-efficient home.


That is, energy-efficient by the square feet, of a small to a large home or office.  We have the staff for any size job co

Expert technicians and HVAC contractors to determine load calculation, the installation cost for your square feet, offer any tax credits available.

Commercial or residential projects.

Winning praise from technical building contractors that we work with on projects and residential customers.

Emergency Air ConditioningQDuct® Outdoor Insulated Duct System® 

 or Heating Services- 24/7 AC Repairs

Ac troubleshooting your AC unit, AC repair is around the clock to restore the comfort to your home. South Florida central air repairs split system ac repairs large home. Air

conditioning repairs

for all brands of any repair. 

Undoubtedly, We’ll be there with stocked vans ready to return your home to the previous comfort ASAP. We are on call 24/7 Dispatching of our Highly skilled HVAC technicians to your door.
You can relax, knowing we are on the way with the service vans full of parts to get your emergency hot air conditioner blowing cold again.

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AC Repairs in West Palm Beach

Why is my AC not blowing cold?
Some common AC repairs are; are Installing airflow fans, air filters, thermostats, moreover producing healthy and balanced interior air purification.  
But, When your hot at home or business is never fun, No worries! Our exceptional AC team will have your living space at your comfort ASAP. AC Repair Service of all brands of air conditioning & heating systems. 

AC Repairs on all Brands repaired also we are 100% confident in our teams to deliver nothing but the best service. Customers are enjoying their AC system, regardless of the seasonal cycles.

Atlantis AC experts

Air conditioning repair services at a great value for a reasonable price. You will not be disappointed.

Need Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan?

Hassle-free, Worry-Free maintenance plans and tune-ups so you will get the full life span from your AC Unit & reduce AC emergency. A well-planned execution of an AC maintenance plan will ensure you get the entire life cycle of the manufacturer. I will prepare a personalized maintenance program. That is right for your needs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Services, you can’t go wrong when you call us. We provide quick, courteous, expert service on all major brands. See why we are #1 in West Palm Beach, Fl and surrounding areas since 1984. 

We are just a phone call away! 

Without a doubt, you will see the service vans all over Palm Beach County, all hours of day and night, ready to serve with a fast repair by highly trained technicians.  Air Conditioning Repair Services at your door who will diagnose and present the cost of the repair upfront!

Residential AC Replacements 

Let Atlantis help you with the tough decisions on which New Air Conditioner Replacement to install in your home. There are so many manufacturers and warranties to take into consideration. Shopping for a new AC system can be very hard to process all the data on New AC Replacements. You can count on Atlantis to help.

To get the best AC for you and your family. We will ask you the questions about your family that will help narrow down the AC selections. Resulting in the best AC for you and your family. “

New Installations, AC Warranties, and Labor

Due to your New Installation, you will also receive a year’s labor guarantee.  Need more labor warranty? We also have an extended warranty. Be sure to ask the office for more details.

No surprises, only honest AC repairs. 

Then, we can counsel the customers about what is wrong with your unit and how much it will cost. 

Central Air Repairs Split System AC Repairs Large Home. 

HVAC repairs for all brands of cooling & heating systems. We are ready to resolve your AC unit problem. When you call us, Certified technicians, will arrive with a stocked service van to assure a fast diagnosis and AC repair. With this in mind, Call the office for your AC appointment today!

HVAC Contractors Air Conditioning Repair Services and Installation

HVAC & Air Conditioning Contractors. Thirty-five years of building relationships with the best AC brands of air conditioning.

Get the Best AC Systems. How to Choose? 

We only install the best brands of air conditioning systems. Air Conditioning Repair Services we are here to help with your cooling and heating.  HVAC Installations and expert repair for furnaces, Air conditioners and take care of any air quality problems you or your family may have. These are the brands we stock and install.Ac Repairappy family now in comfortable AC

Atlantis AC is Certified, licensed, and trained on all new installations for the carriers above.

Clearly weeding out the brands that don’t make the Atlantis preferred a list of approved cooling and heating equipment. Warranty, our work so that you know we are installing the very best on the marketplace.

You owe it to yourself to check out Atlantis AC.

Best Air Conditioner Installation in Palm Beach County. We know our AC systems, in addition, know which AC is the best one in your home or business. Servicing Palm Beach County since 1984.

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