Does Your Air Conditioner Smell? 

Does your air conditioner smell, and how to get rid of Dirty Sock HVAC Syndrome?This is more common then you would think, usually it happens to customers that the Air Conditioner has been off for the winter.

Now many residents are restarting our AC units because its hot. But you might notice strange order in the air. It’s the smell of decaying mold and organic material.

Customers ask us to Identify bad Smells, like Dirty Sock, Fishy, Moldy, in their AC at home, or office. 

Your home might not smell to you because you are just used to it. But if you’re gone for a few hours upon return to your home, you will also witness the smell of what others call a dirty sock smells bad, like a locker room or dead animal smell. 

Where is the odor coming from the AC Unit?

In the Air Conditioning field, we call it “Dirty Sock Syndrome HVAC.” It’s the result of bacteria and mold building up in the AC unit evaporator coil. Usually happens while you had your AC off for a while when it was cold outside. Inside your evaporator coil, there was moisture buildup. 

When moisture lingers in Condenser Coils.

Overtime mold will grow, and bacteria will start to build upon the Coil Condenser, Drain pan, etc. When this buildup happens and will continue to grow to thrive. The situation gets worse with dust particles collect, resulting in bad odor, like fish, dirty socks, moldy air. 

Does your Air Conditioner Smell, how to Identify Dirty Sock Syndrome.

Does Your Air Conditioner Smell, like dirty socks? This peculiar scent has a smell of its own. Many people describe it to us in different ways. We suggest to rule out other possible problems first. If you still have the smell and want to tackle the problem yourself. 

How do I get rid of the dirty sock smell?

After you have checked your home for all the other reasons, your home might be smelling. We suggest the DIY homeowners without allergies, can 

  • Check the drainage pans are dry free of damage or rust. 
  • Clean the drain pan
  • Check your filters
  • Check the ductwork

Yes, this can be done by yourself if you do not have any allergies. The dirty sock smell is not dangerous in most cases, but it is embarrassing and can be a health risk for people with allergies or respiratory issues. After you have cleaned and turned your AC back on, and still have a bad smell.

It’s time to call for help to your local AC Company Atlantis Air Conditioning will be able to diagnose any resolve more significant issues found faster for you.


How to prevent Dirty Sock Syndrome HVAC?

The Air filter is your first layer of protection against airborne bacteria and mold build-up. Clean and change your air filters. If that does not help, call your AC Specialist, Atlantis Air Conditioning, where the experts will run a test to diagnose your whole HVAC system accurately.

Members of your family or staff with asthma or reduced immune systems, our CleanEffects™ air cleaner provides the best level of protection. The Trane system removes 99.98% of airborne particles, significantly improving your indoor air quality. More Details  

Call Atlantis AC for your protection, diagnosis, and repair your AC System fast. Work is 100% guaranteed by Atlantis AC. Service Area from Jupiter to Boca Raton. 

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