Ductless AC Installation

Ductless AC Installation. When the temperature outside is soaring, no one wants to walk into a home or business and be greeted with more of the same. This why having fans, open windows and most importantly—air conditioning—is so vital.

Bosch mini split Ductless AC InstallationYes, you can cool off in the pool or by sitting in the shade, but these activities are not going to make your home more comfortable at all. One of the best ways to keep your home comfortable is through the installation of ductless AC.

Appearance after Installation

As the name suggests, they are mini in size but may bring huge advantages. They show up only as vents or small holes not very visible unless you pay close attention. They do not affect the interior of the house in any way.

Mini Heat Pumps

Mini heat pumps are very flexible in design with floor standing, wall hanging and ceiling suspending models. It resembles a standard AC system, with an outside unit attached to the indoor parts (but it is, in fact, a heat pump, which means it can also heat your home).

No major renovations are needed.

No major renovations are needed with the Ductless AC Installation. A specialist just needs to drill a hole in the wall to connect the components. The indoor units are discreet for the most part. While they do stick out from the wall, they’re positioned up high and relatively out-of-view.


Why This Might Be the Best Installation for Your Home

If you have always wanted whole-home ductless heating and cooling, this is the ideal choice for your residence. But is Ductless right for you? Buying a Ductless AC can often be a difficult decision because there are many pros and cons to weigh before making such a big choice, but make sure you look at both sides before investing so you know what you are getting yourself into.

Your house or business has no attic or any room for a traditional Central Air unit. You would have to remodel to add the space for the AC system. Unlike a ductless heat pump you won’t need to remodel your house to incorporate a ventilation system. Just like a central air unit needs a thermostat, with a ductless heat pump each room will have its own thermostat.

Heat Pump Installations

The installation procedure is not too difficult for a skilled professional like Atlantis AC. Typically a wall-mounted indoor unit and with a small hole connects to the unit outside. Hanging the unit high on the wall inside the room and a small hole is drilled through to the outside. Where the AC unit connects to the Inverter-driven compressor. The compressors will speed up and slow down based on the needs of the individual’s room. 

Heat Pump Energy Efficiency

The Inverter-driven compressor saves on energy compared to the traditional unit compressor that shuts off and on to cool the living space. Controlling which rooms get cooled and you can completely turn off a room or just use to keep the moisture down when not in use will be a big saving as well. 

Window Air conditioner VS Ductless Heat Pump

A ductless heat pump is by far the best choice. A window unit is hanging outside your window and not as energy efficient as a heat pump. The security of just a small hole to connect your heat pump is better than a big hole in your window.

Ductwork Vs Ductless Heat Pumps

When you remove the ducts you get a more efficient AC system. Why? Because the ducts leak over time. Duct seals that connect the ductwork over time start to leak. Pressure checks to check the system are part of the maintenance plan.

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