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HVAC Contractor

HVAC Contractor works with the building manager & Industry facility manager to hire AC Contractors to keep their building running. Atlantis AC is who building managers rely on in Palm Beach County. To keep their business process does not stop? The answer, Atlantis AC, is the leader in HVAC Contracting.

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Commercial chillers are, after all, significant capital investment. Not to mention, a new system takes a considerable amount of consideration. HVAC Chillers and chiller towers are a significant investment, but they are high energy efficient too.
Above all, you are saving you lots of money over the life span of your unit. If someone maintains your investment throughout the years, you can call on Atlantis AC to help you find the perfect AC unit that meets all your needs.

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Palm Beach Air Conditioning Repair Contractor 

At Atlantis Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  Services like Residential installations, Commercial HVAC, Condenser Water Systems. Commercial and Residential VRF Services and Repairs.
Our goal is to give the best service and excel in delivering the best product. All within your budget and exceeding your expansions. Our trained team arrives with service vehicles that are stock full of AC parts. So your house or business back to the comfort level ASAP.


  • LP Gas Air Conditioner Installation

  • Specializing in Mechanical Piping

  • Best HVAC Chilled Water Systems Repairs

  • Evaporative Air Conditioners repairs

What is an AC Chiller?

Commercial Chillers are machines responsible for exchanging (removing heat) from an absorption refrigeration cycle or liquid via vapor-compression among cooling water, refrigerant, couple with condensing water. It circulates this liquid through heat exchange to cool equipment.

These Chiller units last decades if maintained. 

Chillers maintained will last a long time. Protecting your investment is necessary to get the full lifespan from your chiller. It is vital for optimizing efficiency to clean chiller tubes. For this purpose, it’s what helps to extend the equipment life.

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Chiller Air Conditioning HVAC Contractor

Chillers are more efficient to cool the air from the use of a cooling tower that is water-cooled. Also, the water like Atlantis AC is recycled to a heat sink or external cooling method.

Chillers HVAC Service

There are four types of chillers, Screw-driven, Reciprocating, and Centrifugal. These are all powered by electric, steam or gas turbines. Absorption is the 4th type and powered by heat sources like steam or hot water.

Conditioning & Heating Service

  • Specializing in Mechanical Piping

  • Installation & Fabrication

  • LP & Natural Gas Piping

  • Condenser Water Systems-

 A Professional Contractor

Who can do an oil analysis to check the Chiller system?
A professional like Atlantis AC contractor knows the AC history of the condenser water systems. Also, the chilled water system is used to remove the heat energy in a building. A contractor with knowledge of the history of the AC unit can get the most out of the life cycle of the AC unit.
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