Is it’s illegal to manufacture or import R22?

Is it’s illegal to manufacture or import R22?  Yes, it’s illegal to manufacture or import R22. as of January 01, 2020. As per the US Environmental Protection Agency, If you’re hoping to replace your old unit before an emergency ac repair or at the height of the season.

So the next big question is how long before the refrigerant is no longer available if you are holding on to an old unit with service calls to add more Freon.

 The timeline to the R22 refrigerant and how long do you have to decide what you are going to do. As the demand for freon increases,

AC repairs will become even more expensive you are not alone; many homeowners are in the same predicament. They have put the task off of replacement of their old AC unit. 

Is it’s illegal to manufacture or import R22?

Just adding R22 freon when your air conditioning stops cooling is usually the result ending with an emergency call.  Don’t be caught with an expensive repair. Now is the time to figure out what to do. 

Atlantis Air Conditioning company believes in educating its clients with transparent advice to homeowners to know their options. 

  • First, there is do nothing until a repair is needed. 
  • Second, convert or retrofit your R22 unit to use the existing refrigerant.
  • Third, decide to replace the whole unit proactively. 

 Ok, Let’s go through those options. Retrofitting is not for everyone. AC repairs require a professional to examine your AC system to see if it’s possible. But, any company that will take your money to retrofit your old system is not doing you any favors. 

Putting your money in an old system is a temporary fix. Because your old AC system is subject to more repairs, with higher electric bills 

The R22 refrigerant will be available for a little while. It is getting more expensive as the supply dwindles downtime passes. 

 You are doing nothing to an AC unit that gets warmer in your house. Or own real estate that reflects on customers in stores, office buildings, or Rentals. Living without AC Is not an option when you live in South Florida. 

Suppose you are a property owner with lots of AC units to replace. You have a plan to start slowly and replace all of them over time. Call the office to help with the different types and kinds of units that are best for your investment property. 

 You now have a big decision on what to do. Find dedicated AC Experts that can Call us to help answer any questions you might have about a new replacement for your tired AC system. 

 Ask about our No Finance Fee or payments for 18 months. Call the office for more details. Atlantis Air Conditioning

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