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Repair or Replace? 

To Repair or Replace HVAC Systems is a costly decision to make. Here are some FAQs for knowing when you need a new HVAC Unit


How to choose the best Air Conditioner for my family?


The most important part is to avoid a lemon. How do you do that? Atlantis Air Conditioning only installs the best brands in the marketplace.

Best brands to Repair or Replace?

Brands that stand behind the product they sell. Atlantis will guide you through the process and help you decide by answering the HVAC questions your home or business needs. 


37 years of Air Conditioning Repair and Installation


Repair or Replace?  This is a question we get asked often, Do I repair this one or replace my system? With many factors of the individual’s current system and frequency of repairs, monthly utility bills. Atlantis Air Conditioning will install the very best AC technology, the companies that stand behind their warranties. Through the years, we have seen. Unfortunately, AC companies do not stand behind the warrantees, or the product is not performing as described.  Use our years of knowledge to your benefit and get the best AC system for you and your family.

The Best A/c Brands in the Marketplace.

Trane  Air Conditioning and Heating

Bosch Air Conditioning and Heating

Carrier Air Conditioning and Heating

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning and Heating

Ruud Air Conditioning and Heating

Amana Air Conditioning and Heating

Florida Heat Pump

Bosch Air Conditioning and Heating 


Does the Age of the Ac Unit Matter? 


Replacing your tired AC unit will save you money. Approx 20% on your annual heating and cooling bill.  According to Energy Star, when you re-install a 10-15-year-old AC unit. 


But how do you know the age of your unit? 


The serial number on the unit will determine the age of your AC unit. If age is not visible on the AC unit, call the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s website for a chat to find out more information about that brand. 


How to know the size of an AC Unit is wrong?

 Here are three easy deductible reasons you do have an oversized AC unit.  

  1. Your energy bills are higher.
  2. Your AC is not removing the humidity.
  3. Your AC unit turns on and off right away. 

Turning on and cooing fast and shuts off. This is making your AC unit overwork, causing the high electric bills. To properly get the humidity out. Your AC unit needs to run a normal-length cycle.


Diagnosis of Repairs-Troubleshooting


Hopefully, it’s just a Thermostat just needing calibration or a Thermostat replacement. But the general senses if your repair is more than half of what a replacement will cost.

But repair or replace ait conditioning, it might be time for a new unit. Or if this is the second repair in a short period. To be sure, AtlantisAC will help with weighing the options you have. 


Diagnosis of Cooling and Heating Repairs


When considering to Repair or Replace? Repairs can range from expensive to minor repairs. So when the repair bills start to mount up, it’s a hard decision on what to do, repair, or replace your Air Conditioning system.

Getting a proper diagnosis is essential. Call a professional to help sort out when not turning on. Minor issues are a clogged drainage line or clogged air filter. 


The power surge from a thunderstorm. Dirty coils from lack of regular maintenance. Loose wire, short or electrical component failure, or problems from a tripped circuit breaker, ductwork that is leaking into your attic. 

Repair or Replace Air Conditioning

Then there are the extensive repairs your blower fan motor malfunction or making weird noises can be an early sign something is not right: refrigerant leaks and frozen evaporator coils. Compressors out of warranty and stop working will favor an AC Replacement.  



Frequency of Repairs


Frequent repairs are a sign the air conditioner system was not taken care of promptly. Or it’s so old it’s costing more and getting more expensive to run. Repair or Replace air conditioning. A new unit will save time and money in the long run. 


Energy Efficiency


The efficiency of a new unit cooling and heating system with the unique technology will save you money and time. It’s a hard call to make. Your AC professional ( Atlantis AC) will help answer all your questions to make an educated decision. 


Cost to Repair or Replace Air Conditioning


Cost of average on a household nationally. Homeowners pay $300.00 for air conditioner repairs.  Replacing parts could cost more, on average, 240 to 450. Suppose you see water leaking or strange noises. Please don’t ignore it because it could cause an AC system total breakdown. Call the professionals at Atlantis Air Conditioning today. 


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