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QDuct® Outdoor PreInsulated Duct System

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QDuct® Outdoor PreInsulated Duct System® 

QDuct® Outdoor Pre-Insulated Duct System  Engineered for outdoor duct systems. No space for ductwork? Q Duct™ is the answer to your problem. This lightweight duct system that saves not only in space but saves energy as well as labor. Call our Office for Details 

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Outdoor Pre-Insulated Duct System




Outdoor Pre-Insulated Duct System Cut Outdoor Pre-Insulated Duct System Duct Installations, Designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions and backed by factory warranty of 10 years. 


How does QDuct Compare to Others?

QDuct Outdoor Pre-Insulated Duct System has a solid interior 60-micron thick aluminum liner that’s bonded to the phenolic foam. You will find the surface is sealed and cleanable.

How does the leakage compare to the others?

In comparison, QDuct tested with ZERO leakage. The test was +4″ and -4″. Standard- Metal systems attempt to less than 5%.


How Does the Warranty Compare to Others?

QDuct has a 10-year Warranty. As well as standard metal Ductwork systems are subject to reduced IAQ. Because of open cell material that may increase the promotion of mold and mildew. Above all, phenolic ducts have a perforated interior 25-micron thick aluminum liner.


A fiberglass mesh backing used to help adhere the aluminum to the phenolic foam. Special care needed not to damage the interior liner during installation. Also, moisture can enter the foil between the foam through the perforations.

When upgrading your Air conditioning System, Dont forget your Ductwork too. 





How is QDuct® Outdoor Pre-Insulated Duct System


It is constructed of two layers of a rigid UL 181 Phenolic core material. As a result, this Ductwork Meets UL 181 and ASTM E84 flame and smoke requirements 25/50. Yet, designed with an interlocking quadruple seal that is a thermal break design.

What about the extreme weather conditions of South Florida?

Interior and exterior layers resist UV, mold, mildew. In addition, extreme weather conditions can result in mold issues. In contrast, this is mold resistant and ducts coated with Aluminum, while the exterior has multi-layered Laminate jacking material.

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