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John D. MacArthur Beach State Park in North Palm Beach, Florida


Mounts Botanical Garden

Mounts Botanical Garden opened in 1954 and has the distinction of being Palm Beach County’s largest and oldest public garden. During your tour of the garden, you will find over 2,000 varieties of tropical and subtropical plants. Specimens from six continents, and of course those plants native to Florida tropical fruit, herbs, citrus. Palms and exotic trees. The garden covers 14 acres and has multiple themed gardens within the grounds.


Featured Gardens: 

Children’s Maze

This garden, built in the ’80s. The plan was for it be maintained at a 3′ height so the parents could watch them from outside of the Maze. Currently, the Maze has a Castle like an appearance and even has turrets. The shrubs that form the maze bloom twice a year with white flowers.


O’Keeffe Rain Garden

You might ask what a Rain Garden is an area that can handle large amounts of water, the plants, even clean the water before it is absorbed back into the ground. The O’Keeffe Rain Garden was formerly a retention basin for the water that ran off of the parking lot. The plants used in this garden are native to Florida, and therefore tolerant of having wet feet and equally important they can tolerate drought as well. These plants help filter the water and can even remove some of the toxins. This garden proves we can do a better job of cleaning our runoff water and reduce the environmental damages caused by contaminated runoff water.

 Garden of Tranquility

A serene Asian inspired garden filled with natural elements, including stone, bamboo, and living plant materials. The tranquil Garden is Zen-like, the plans were never to make it authentic or strictly Japanese. The hand-carved relief wall is Indonesian inspired, and throughout the garden, you will find elements of Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian animated features to make the garden it’s own unique and peaceful haven to rest the spirit, mind, and body.

 Windows on the Floating World –Blume Tropical Wetland Garden

This garden is the most extensive specialty garden in the history of Mounts Botanical Gardens. The purpose of this garden is to educate visitors on the importance of conserving and protecting our world’s freshwater. Within this garden, you will find waterfalls flowing over natural stone, wading birds, and other aquatic life, including but not limited to a Koi feeding area. Within this garden, you will find hundreds of different species wetland loving plants flame red maple, Mexican Papyrus, Water Lilies, including a Walich’s Dwarf Fishtail Palm. The gardens are all wheelchair accessible.


The Windows on the Floating World won an ASLA Award of Honor- August 2018.


Gazebo Garden

A Shady Retreat. This beautiful garden is all sun-dappled and shady comfort, while filled with beautiful foliage and flowers year-round. Five sizeable black olive trees spread out their limbs and supply shade and a home for orchids and ferns on the lower trunks. A place of beauty and peace, the gazebo offers a place to sit and rest and enjoy the beauty of this peaceful garden.

 Private Rental of the Venue

The Mounts Botanical garden allows for the private rental of the venue for functions such as weddings, and many take place here in the Gazebo Garden.

Just a few of the featured Gardens and they are all worth your time to explore them fully. Please do not bring dogs, bicycles, skateboards, or two-wheeled scooters on the grounds. Does do not include strollers, wheelchairs, and power chairs, which are permitted. A wheelchair is available for visitors. Please call ahead of your visit.

Picnicking in the open areas is permitted, and there are picnic tables available near the Pavilion with a view of the pond. Please be kind enough to clean up after your meal. Alcohol is not allowed on the grounds.

Some recommendations for your comfort and safety, please stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun. Also, I suggest bug repellent, becoming a snack for hungry mosquitos will undoubtedly detract from your enjoyment of this beautiful garden.

Hours and Admission

Garden Hours

Monday-Sunday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (last ticket sold at 3:30 pm)

Please note these closures:
The garden closed on all major holidays as well as Columbus Day (Oct.), Veterans Day (Nov.) and the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Nursery Hours

Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday:   10:00 am – 3:30 pm and during plant sales
(Please drive to the back of the garden, off Golf Street toward the Hutcheson Complex)

Garden Shop Hours

Open seven days, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

10:00 AM  4:00 PM

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