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Trane AC Installations

Trane AC Installations Trane XV20i 20 SEER HVAC. Size does matter with your home and the AC unit. AC is living space from less than 1,000 square feet to Greater than 3,000 feet. The most significant benefit is the new dome shape of the group on top. Designed to keep the dirt out of the unit, helping to run more efficiently.

Trane XV20i 20 SEER HVAC

Why Trane XV20i 20 Seer HVAC? Trane-AC-Repair-High-end-Performance-in-West-Palm-Beach

Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp is your neighborhood, Trane Comfort Specialist. Our expert technicians will accurately measure the space that your living spaces ask our knowledgeable staff any questions. You might have and will probably have some questions for you. To match your home to the perfect system to deliver the best that technology has to offer your family.

What’s the Secret to Getting the Full Life Cycle from your Trane?

High-Performance AC + Professional Installation + Maintenance = Fewer Repairs, Full life span of AC Unit. Yes, having a professional to install your AC unit is just as crucial to getting the kind of AC unit you choose. Proper installation will have a high effect on the AC unit.

Many manufacturers will tell you that the install is essential. Many customers will come to shop for the best price and not get the best installation needed to assure the life span of the manufacture. Atlantis Air Conditioning comes with the highest in technology training to ensure you’re getting the best AC installation you can get in West Palm Beach. With 35 years of excellence in installing Trane systems for residents and commercial buildings.

20 Seer Inverter Technology

Adjustable variable speed systems Trane True Comfort level for your home and your family. Maintains the air within a half degree to keep the air temperature while removing the moisture from the air, regulating the humidity at lower levels.

Variable speed locks in the temperature setting and automatically adjusting itself. In turn useless less electricity, now that’s saving you money. Your Trane AC Unit will pay for itself in heating and cooling year-round energy efficiency.


High-Performance External Condenser

The external AC condenser has a new air conditioner’s top. The benefit is it avoids dirt coming in the top of the AC Condensor. Keeping the unit running cleaner. Also, the new AC inverter technology runs from 30 to 100% to give the cooling power at very high precision of comfort control. The demand for the system changes as the weather changes throughout the year.

Inside Trane Internal Evaporator Coil

The Trane Internal evaporator coil is in the attic and converted to lay on the side for more control of the space. Having a qualified HVAC installer is essential, like Atlantis Air Conditioning. The unit is excellent, but the installation has to be correctly fitted and installed in the space to give the optimal heating and cooling to your living space.

It’s imperative to choose the right company as well as the right AC system. Together you will have an optimal AC system that will deliver high performance for years to come.

How Does Central Heating and Cooling Work?

Trane The split indoor evaporator coil is installed to work with your outside unit containing a condenser coil and compressor. The chemical called the refrigerant used in the compressor pumps. Then the outdoor unit transfers the heat energy from inside your home, blows across the indoor evaporator cold.

That transfer cools the air and then blows it into your home. Exchange for the heat in your home to start the journey again. So you are left with cold, comfortable air conditioning throughout your home or business.

Trane’s goal is to deliver a superior product:
• Quiet
• Low Humidity
• Energy Efficient
Trane Clean Effects

Atlantis AC has the solution to fit and customize the air that your family breathes. Revolutionary technology that we have come accustom to has a healthier resolution. Trane CleanEffects Air Cleaner is removing the air impurities from the air for a healthier environment for some family members with Allergies or household irritants in the air.

CleanEffects air cleaner eliminating particles as small as .1 micron. Cleaning up to 99.98% of airborne particles. 100 times healthier than a standard 1″ air filter. Wow, that’s like making it eight times more effective than a HEPA room filters.

Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning Systems:

Professional Buildings
• Schools
• Shopping Plaza
• Hotels
• Yachts
• Professional Buildings

We have the best HVAC team in West Palm Beach. We guarantee our services. High-performance HVAC Trane training will deliver to your door.
We offer Emergency Services if needed. But, we hope you choose us to install your unit, and we will come out to service your group for a year after the installations. Continued maintenance plans are available to ensure your AC investment protected by the best HVAC team in West Palm Beach.

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